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Kosushi Cidade Jardim

With a menu that mixes authentic and contemporary Japanese cuisine - signed by renowned chef George Koshoji - our home in Cidade Jardim Shopping Mall is the terrace, which besides gardens and jabuticabeira, allows a fascinating view of the city of São Paulo. Following the same philosophy and excellence signed by KOSUSHI.


Chosen by the chef

Signed by chef George Yuji Koshoji, our menu blends traditional Japanese cuisine with the contemporary, we are authentic without losing the originality of Japanese cuisine.
Our fish are daily, and we use products of the time. We always keep our seasonal novelties by changing the menu, according to the seasons.
Always thinking about bringing varieties to our customer.

“In Japan, they say that turtles live for ten thousand years and, therefore, they are a symbol of happiness and good omen. Legend has it that the turtles love sake, and when the fishermen catch them in their nets, they do not return them to the sea without first offering them enough sake. In the past, it was quite common to decorate restaurants with drawings of turtles, aiming for prosperity and regular customers that eat and drink a lot of sake. KO means turtle as well as excellence. And this is why we are named Kosushi.”
- Master Taketo Okuda